Hello! I am an avid SpaceX fan and I enjoy replicating SpaceX launches in KSP. I am not affiliated with SpaceX in any way, shape, or form (yet) :)

Realistic Simulations

SpaceX - KSP launch recreations do not look like poor CGI. Effort is put in each individual video, ensuring great quality and realism.

Demonstration Videos

SpaceX - KSP doesn't just focus on launch recreations, SpaceX - KSP also provides demonstrational videos, showing how to do stuff in Kerbal Space Program, the rocket simulator which SpaceX - KSP videos use.

Support SpaceX - KSP

Want to show your support to SpaceX - KSP? SpaceX - KSP has a page on Patreon, a popular platform to support your favorite creators.

Community Discord Server

SpaceX - KSP has a community discord server for you to join! It is full of people that love and have a passion for all things spaceflight. With common interests, you will get along with everyone (hopefully)!

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